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Subsurface Utility Detection & Inspection

We assist property owners, contractors and engineers by locating, tracing or inspecting the sub surface before the drilling of boreholes or civil projects to identify services, like underground plastic, copper, galvanized and concrete pipes, as well as subsurface tanks, graves and other buried objects that may be encountered.

Knowing the precise location to dig for the best and safest outcomes; saves time, inconvenience and money.
Underground Detection has the expertise and equipment to help you!

Utility/Services Detection

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is used to detect subsurface features and objects.

Tracing is done from the surface by pushing a GPR machine over the surface. A radar signal from an antenna passes into the ground and reflects off objects under the ground. The information is displayed on a screen, providing real-time views.

This instrument cannot however provide the absolute accuracy needed; so a transmitter (sonde) and cable/pipe locator may be used in conjunction, to map the underground services precisely.

Pipe & Cable Detectors

A pipe and cable detector is used to locate metal pipes and trace energized cables. An underground cable can be traced for many kms. The method can also be applied to trace plastic pipes and can be used to create a map of underground services.

Transmitter Detection

Any pipe larger than about 40mm can be traced with a transmitter. The signal is then traced on the surface with the Pipe and Cable Detector and in this way the trace of the conduit underground can be detected. The method has a variety of uses but is usually used to trace a pipe or the position of a blockage in a sewer pipe or a void underground.

Utility/Services Inspection

CCTV Inline Camera Inspections

A small camera, attached to a cable rod is pushed into a pipe making video inspections of the integrity of the pipe possible. We are able to inspect water & sewer pipes for damage, root infestation, collapsed or broken pipes that cause blockages.

Used in conjunction with a transmitter (sonde), the pipe can be more accurately traced, making repair simpler.

Pipe/drain camera