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Detection & Inspection Equipment & Working Methods


Contact and ground microphones
These form the basic part of our tool box. This equipment is used almost every day. The contact units amplify the sound of leaks or flow of water in pipes, while ground acoustic probes are used while searching for leaks.

Gas Detection 

Locating water leaks using gas
Gas (5% H, 95% N) is fed into the pipeline system. A gas analyser is then used to locate the leak.

Leak Noise Correlation

Locating leaks using acoustic devices attached to transmitters
The correlator unit can be used as an acoustic detector and can also be attached to a ground microphone.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Used to inspect anything underground
A signal is sent into the ground and bounces off objects, the image of which is seen on a screen in real time. It is used to locate larger pipes, cables, conduits, storm water pipes, broken ground (caused by leaks), sinkholes, voids, tanks, graves, buried objects, bedrock horizons, bedding planes, etc.

Cable and Pipe Detector

Used to trace energized cables
The unit consists of a case which is a remote transmitter and a receiver and is used to trace the route and depth of plastic, copper or other metallic pipes and cables. It is also used to track sondes.

Drain Camera

A small CCTV camera is pushed into a pipeline larger to do internal inspections
Useful for locating the cause of blockages in sewers or severely cracked pipes.

Detection of Underground Water

Siting of boreholes
A survey is conducted over the surface using portable underground surveying equipment, and an image of the subsurface is produced tracing the water bearing structures and showing the best place to drill for water.

Infrared Scanners (IR)

IR detects temperature and displays the differences in temperature on an object or surface 
It is used to locate hot water pipes in walls, under tiles and trace any hot water pipe under a floor, provided the pipe is reasonably close to the surface. They are also used in the detection of underground leaks.

Sonde Detection

A small transmitter (sonde) which is pushed through a pipe
The sonde is pushed through a pipe and a receiver unit is used to track the sonde and thereby trace the pipeline.