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Infrared Scanners (IR)

An infrared camera is used for locate problems in electrical systems and leaking pipes in walls. The camera provides a high definition image of a target surface area.

Essentially, the human eye cannot see heat below about 525°C but IR detects heat from 0K (-273°C) to infinity. It’s the thermal contrast that makes it possible to predict problems. Useful to detect roof leaks – we can see where water runs across a flat roof or under roof sheeting without having to break or remove anything.

Some of the many other uses:

  • Predictive maintenance: detecting problems before they develop into breakdowns, an obvious benefit for industrial processes.
  • Locating roof leaks, wall leaks, leaks in concrete
  • Detecting overloaded cables and loose connections (the main cause of industrial fires).
  • Poor insulation in roofs.
  • Heating or cooling losses.
  • Defective tread wear on car tyres.
  • Damaged industrial bearings, overheated pumps, motors, etc
  • Lost persons at sea
  • Medical: fractures, muscle strains, etc.

In the image below there is no sign of a hot water pipe in the wall but the IR image clearly shows the route. In this case there was a slight leak in a T piece above the door frame. The moisture can be seen in the third image taken on the opposite side of the wall.

Infrared cameras used to detect leaks

Infrared cameras used to detect leaksInfrared cameras used to detect leaks

Equipment & Methods

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