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Ground Water Detection

Once you have decided to drill a borehole, the most important question is where do you drill it? Knowing the precise location to dig for the best and safest outcomes; saves time, inconvenience and money.

Underground Detection has the expertise and equipment to help you!

Siting Boreholes For Water

Our approach to the siting of boreholes is scientific. John Moorcraft is a professional geologist and with the aid of leading water detection technology, is able to provide guidance and advise on the best borehole site on your property.

Underground water detection

The portable underground surveying equipment is used to analyse the ground and locate fault zones where water may be found, and produce virtual 3D images that trace the water bearing structures of the subsurface, showing engineers and contractors the best place to drill for water.

A clear break between dolerite intrusions shows a water source at stations 16/17, 105m below the surface.

A Virtual 3D image of the water bearing structures showing the best place to drill for water.