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About Us


Our service involves the detection of unseen problems – problems that you may or may not think that there is a solution.

We invest in state-of-art high definition portable equipment and utilize non-destructive techniques to identify problems quickly. The equipment used in the right hands ensures that problems are solved quickly with little disruption, inconvenience and the least amount breaking and excavating and damage to property.

Typical investigations include locating leaking water pipes, underground water detection of borehole siting, CCTV pipeline inspection, predicting machine failure or locating sub-surface utilities or objects underground, determining causes of groundwater and seepage, tracing cables, pipes and sewers.


Underground Leak Detection was started in 2005, by John Moorcroft.

John Moorcroft, a geologist, has a specific interest in water and the prediction of unseen problems. His interest in leak detection started in the 1980’s when airborne infrared surveys were done to detect leaks in an extensive set of surface pipelines that could not be inspected on the ground. Later, while managing a large industrial business, water issues became an operational challenge and the issues of water loss were of significance.

The geological background helps in the understanding of issues such as ground subsidence, ground material and how this impacts on the problem and how best it can be solved. Personal service and attention to detail ensures customer satisfaction.

Service Area

We service the Eastern and Southern Cape regions from George to East London.


We provide a detailed report with every investigation and suggestions for corrective action.